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When this article were posted..it's have another 30 minutes remaining to close this competition.


By midnight tonight, the curtains for the Terengganu Tourism Blog Competition 2010 will come down, signalling the end of the competition period and the beginning for the judges to crack their heads to look for the best blog and to shortlist the winners.

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I found the advertisment around the early April when i was searching to created free blogs. I'm very interested to joining the competition but i don't have skills to create a blog.Just knowing to making a simple blog with simple template. Before that, i have missed to joined the Federal Territory Blog Competition. So i want to trying my luck to joining it.

Initially number of participants not many and rival not as difficult as which. However on secretariat's hard work explore to nationwide and bill in media cause competition this widespread. Rival becoming increasingly violent. Many of the participants especially school and IPT student show very good ability. For open category, the situation very difficult .At the middle of competition rival, I'm feel despair and loosing the focus .

However due i can learn many matters and can increase many friends. For participant from Terengganu, they have many advantages compared us participant from outside. I have to go twice to Terengganu look for information. However because of limited time, not many information that able to be acquired.

Yet it is not a hurdle. I also more knowing Terengganu uniqueness compared previously. Not denying Terengganu is one so fascinating tourism destination.Whatever also the decision, blog this will continue updated to convey information to whole world. I also determined to continue to promote tourism destination all over Malaysia. As my additional had also built blog for Kedah State, Kelantan and Sabah.Whatever experience this precious.

Not prize or money which became measure but knowledge value that achieved, experience and friendship which extremely mean. Thanks to Terengganu State Government, UKOM, secretariat and all those involved in competition this.

Terengganu Always in my Heart. Thanks and congratulation to the anyone who become a winner.


Terengganu Di Hatiku......negeri indah nan permai

Welcome to Terengganu Darul Iman....pearl of paradise