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When this article were posted..it's have another 30 minutes remaining to close this competition.


By midnight tonight, the curtains for the Terengganu Tourism Blog Competition 2010 will come down, signalling the end of the competition period and the beginning for the judges to crack their heads to look for the best blog and to shortlist the winners.

from http://blogtrgtourism.blogspot.com/

I found the advertisment around the early April when i was searching to created free blogs. I'm very interested to joining the competition but i don't have skills to create a blog.Just knowing to making a simple blog with simple template. Before that, i have missed to joined the Federal Territory Blog Competition. So i want to trying my luck to joining it.

Initially number of participants not many and rival not as difficult as which. However on secretariat's hard work explore to nationwide and bill in media cause competition this widespread. Rival becoming increasingly violent. Many of the participants especially school and IPT student show very good ability. For open category, the situation very difficult .At the middle of competition rival, I'm feel despair and loosing the focus .

However due i can learn many matters and can increase many friends. For participant from Terengganu, they have many advantages compared us participant from outside. I have to go twice to Terengganu look for information. However because of limited time, not many information that able to be acquired.

Yet it is not a hurdle. I also more knowing Terengganu uniqueness compared previously. Not denying Terengganu is one so fascinating tourism destination.Whatever also the decision, blog this will continue updated to convey information to whole world. I also determined to continue to promote tourism destination all over Malaysia. As my additional had also built blog for Kedah State, Kelantan and Sabah.Whatever experience this precious.

Not prize or money which became measure but knowledge value that achieved, experience and friendship which extremely mean. Thanks to Terengganu State Government, UKOM, secretariat and all those involved in competition this.

Terengganu Always in my Heart. Thanks and congratulation to the anyone who become a winner.

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In the 1960’s, Pantai Rantau Abang was made famous for being one of the six hatching sites in the world where giant leatherback turtles lay their eggs. Visitors from all over the world gathered here from May to September every year to watch this amazing moment. The turtle travels all the way to as far as Pacific Ocean and swims across to Pantai Rantau Abang just to lay their eggs.

Due to a number of factors such as the illegal use of drag nets in the prohibited fishing zones, indiscriminate disposal of plastic bags (jellyfish is part of turtle’s diet and suffocated from eating plastic bags that looks like a jellyfish from underwater). There are foreign fishermen who catch turtles for its meat and shells for souvenir products. These are a few contributing factors that led to the dwindling number of turtle landings in most part of the world. From the late 1980’s up until 2000, the Fisheries Department records the lessen number of landings. Now conservation efforts are undertaken by the state government in doing research on the turtles’ conservation and setting up turtle hatchery sites.

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Other Terengganu Food Delight

Rojak Kateh= A food made from cartilaginous cow's heel, in heel in veri vinegary hot sauce

Jala Mas= A sweet concotion of sugar,eggs and flour cooked and shredded into strips,meshed and serve like a bundle of golden net,hence it's name

Emas Sejemput= A sweet concotion of sugar, eggs and flour cooked and cookie sized and shape then fold at each corner and served.

Puteri Mandi= A traditional dessert made from glutinous rice and mixed with grated coconut either with sugar or coconut palm sugar

Bengkang= Is tasteless without a gravy made out of mixture of either concotion or flour with sweet coconut palm sugar with added spices

Asam Gupal=A pudding made from sago floating in coconut milk

Nekbat=A spongy unsugared pastry cooked with syrup.

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Where To Eat?


Everyone wants to bee seen at the coolest venues before anyone else. after the initials rushes are over, only the good will survive..and here are afew of the recommended restaurants and bistros that provides nice ambience,good food and fast services.

  • Tropix Cafe and Bistros in Pantai batu Burok
  • Restaurant Delima Kuning in Kg Padang Midin
  • Restaurant Mama Chops and Papa Grill in Jalan Gong Badak
  • Ziq Cafe atPaya Keladi Business Centre
  • Bora Bora at Jalan Kg Kolam
Chineese,Thai and Seafood

  • Restoran Payang Serai
  • Restoran Paradise Deluxe at Jalan Bukit Kechil
  • Restoran Penyu at Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin

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Terengganu Handicraft Centre

A Must visit for handicraft enthusiast, the Terengganu Handicraft Center boosts diverse wares that Terengganu is famous for.From hand woven baskets to pandanus (mengkuang) weaving. From wood carvings songket weaving,brassware as well as the exquisite batik ‘chanting’ and imprints,everything is all here.Each creation, unique with the unmistakable feel of Terengganu, are done meticulously with skills passed from one generation to the next thus retaining its originality. The handicraft centre is situated in Kuala Ibai, 6Km south of the town centre. There also the new Noor Arfa Batik Centre located within the vicinity which will house handicraft demonstrations and showrooms.

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The parks is colourfulmosaic marked by 21exquisite miniatures of famous mosque and monument showcasing the grandeurs of arts and architecture of Islamic world. The island divided into 2 zones. Zones 1 houses the miniature mosque, monument and lake. The second half of the island known as zone 2 housed a commercial centre,convention centre,main square,island garden and lake. Tucked at the tip of the island is the glittering Crystal Mosque Majestically constructed with crystal shine glass and steel overlooking scenic Terengganu River., it is ironic splendour and pride of Terengganu. The breathtaking view of the mosque with its colourfull lighting from Terengganu Bridge is picture perfect with panoramic background especially during sunset that add the lustrous colour of nature at its best.
It only seems natural that’s this magnificent Crystal Mosque located along the cool breeze of Terengganu River would reflect its watery surroundings. Perched above the high water mark,this mosque provides a floating illusions.The close proximity to the water provides the reflectyions to the glass wall. Minarets and domes from below and creates a prismatic and radiant exterior with the burst of sun rays. The luminescent exterior reflects a charm and the vibrants heritage and idyllic nature of Terengganu that surrounds it

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NEWS:Ministry Mulls Making Terengganu A Tourism Icon

Source: Bernama

The Tourism Ministry is considering making Terengganu a tourism icon as the state meets the requirement to be given such a status.

Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk Dr James Dawas Mamit said the state had idyllic islands, marine parks, clean beaches and an inland lake, which was the biggest man-made lake in the country.

“We find that 38 per cent of tourists coming to Terengganu do so for eco-tourism and nature activities while the remaining 62 per cent were undecided.

“To this undecided group, we can recommend the Islamic Civilisation Park, the islands, the lake and other attractions,” he told reporters after making a three-day working visit to Terengganu, here Sunday.

He added that connectivity was another factor that favoured the state getting the status.

Undeniable that Terengganu is ideal tourism destination in Malaysia.Terengganu lucky endowed with various destinations that can signal with the finger tourists arrival. Hence Malaysia Government always collaborating with Terengganu State Government to develop tourism sector that.
Tganu-kite blog very hopeful so that use of information technology can expand tourism sector terengganu to world's eye

Terengganu Di Hatiku......negeri indah nan permai

Welcome to Terengganu Darul Iman....pearl of paradise